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  skull bracelet

posted: 2012-07-04 13:19:38
Rooming informed consent, one by one on maternal and accompanying persons registration and payment to the families of the separation card, new baby in the bath to carry out the necessary checks need to leave the ward
After being signed by the family members, nurses and accompanying persons with the baby taken away. According to Guangzhou Daily. Reporter Cheng Bin He, Jie Feng Qiang Editor depressed man Zhang for the sake of a drunk, a series of drinking the liquor of the weight, drink high in the Qixia a road after a strong pull a woman asked the chat, the woman called to family help, he won a cell phone, pull in Yexia the other side of the bracelet. See the woman refused to meet Zhang again kicking each other to the ground, and forcibly pressed until the police sped. After the sober, Zhang remorse, because of his suspected snatch has been under criminal detention by the police. The middle of the night side of the road heard the woman cry for help to help ah, save the night of points in my month, the Qixia Maple road suddenly came a woman mournful cries for help. Passers tracks the sound looked, I saw a roadside corner, a woman fell to the ground, while a man was sitting on her hands trying to stuck in the throat of the woman, forbidding her to issue cries for help. Everyone at first thought it was a husband and wife, macrame bracelet. showing the woman more and more urgent cries for help, someone will make the alarm call. At this point, the Qixia police has came his way, before someone reported to the police, said in the red maple on the road to see a man and a woman pull suspected the couple had an argument. The police rushed to the scene found the man was an alcohol, Shamballa bracelet. cheap Tresor Paris bracelets. the woman looked terrified, they put together they brought to the police station. I do not know his phone and bracelets all he robbed. The woman claiming to be surnamed Li, her statement to police by surprise, can man seems excessive drinking, prevarication impossible to say, the police decided to let it sober, and then investigate the incident. Drink guilty of muddy, or deliberately snatch the origin of the drink of the weight of liquor for some time, the man to wake up, openings excuse that this is a misunderstanding that the police for their treatment, he was surprised he was not rob anything, while the is looking for someone to talk to the soothing mood. So what happened and what the police inquiry was informed that the original man surnamed Zhang in the field work, work very hard and the results are relatively good, so has been specifically assigned to the Qixia a unit studies. Zhang, given the impression is bright and witty, because of family reason, he often inexplicably depressed. That night, Zhang find a colleague, went out drinking to relax, during which he is 1996826479255091996826479, a bottle of liquor, he is a person drank two. Because I wanted to walk out after dinner, coworkers to leave in advance. Zhang has walked has the urge to drink, he looked for the restaurant, ordered a bottle of liquor to drink alone. Waiter approximate daze expression, Zhang drinking such as drinking water, a bottle of liquor was soon do finish. Weight liquor sinks, Zhang began to get high, shake flash out of the restaurant, a stroll in the Qixia Maple road. Faint strong pull crossing female Peiliao Zhang told the police, Maple pedestrians, the more agitated he looked at the quiet road and would like to find a stranger pour out. As it happens, just after Ms. Lee, she is ready to return to her family. Walking, Lee suddenly feel the shoulder
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